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The results of a balanced breeding program

The Bovans Brown is a highly versatile and robust bird. Combined traits include high peak production, great laying persistency, and a flat egg weight curve, resulting in top quality dark brown eggs. The Bovans Brown has excellent feed intake capacity and robustness so that it fully expresses genetic potential in multi-age and free range environments. This is an attractive looking bird that maintains great feather cover. The Bovans Brown is an ideal bird for the commercial egg producer looking for overall solid performance.

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Easy to manage in every housing system

Superior egg production and persistency

Excellent shell color

Strong bottom line results

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The Bovans Brown layers today

Cage system

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Bovans Brown standard c2

Bovans Brown

Bovans Brown in alternative environments

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The robustness of the Bovans Brown allows it to adjust well to different climates, management programs and housing systems.

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Bovans Parent Stock

We are proud to offer Bovans at the parent stock level. Our world class breeding program ensure that parent stock clients can expect exceptional fertility and high quality chicks.

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