The Bovans History

The three "Vans"

The founder of Bovans poultry was Harry van Duijnhoven, together with his wife Nora. The Bovans poultry breeding center was at Harry van Duijnhoven’s poultry farm at Stevensbeek.

Started in 1954, the Bovans laying hen reflected the solid, hardworking ethics of four Dutch families,. The families Bongers, Van Duijnhoven, Van Lankveld and Van der Linden started Bovans Poultry Breeders in 1954. One “Bo” and three “Vans” formed the name Bovans. 

The founders worked together in their family poultry farms to breed strong, robust and healthy laying hens. The original Bovans logo, still in use today, was designed by Harry van Duijnhoven’s brother.

Bovans Poultry Breeders soon developed into a strong and successful breeder of parent stock and commercial laying hens. Today, almost seventy years later, the Bovans parent stock and laying hens are now found in poultry farms all over Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The Bovans laying hens are well known for their robustness, resulting in it's tagline "Robust Results".

Harry van Duijnhoven history bovans layers
Harry van Duijnhoven
Nora van Duijnhoven history bovans layers
Nora van Duijnhoven
Thijs Hendrix

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