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Bovans Brown in alternative housing systems

The Bovans Brown laying hens are perfectly adapted to alternative housing systems. whether it is floor housing (barn), aviary system or free range. Its robust traits mean that the Bovans Brown maintains excellent health, resulting in good livability and is easy to manage. The Bovans Brown is recognized all over the globe for it's good nest laying behavior and low amount of floor eggs. the Bovans Brown laying hens shows good productivity and lay nice dark brown eggs with good egg shell quality. Bovans Brown, the brown laying hen for Robust Results!

Poule pondeuse ISA plein air

The Bovans Brown alternative today

  • Easy to manage
  • Strong bottom line results
  • Excellent shell color
  • Superior production and persistency

Alternative housing

Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability (%) 92
Age at 50% production (days) 150
Peak of production (%) 96.0
Average egg weight (g) 63.2
Eggs hen housed 463
Egg mass hen housed (kg) 29.3
Laying period 18-100 weeks
Average feed intake (g/day) 122
Cum. feed conv. rate (kg/kg) 2.36
Body weight (g) 1975
Shell strength (g/cm2) 4050
Shell color (lab) 13.0
Haugh units 78