Bovans Tinted

About the Bovans Tinted

The Bovans Tinted is a well feathered chicken, producing Tinted quality eggs. The Bovans Tinted are robust laying hen, well suited for challenging poultry farming conditions. The Bovans Tinted laying hens can be kept in both cage and cage-free housing systems, think of barn housing, aviary housing or organic chicken farming. The Bovans Tinted chickens combine the high productivity and excellent livability of white egg layers with the docile temperament and robustness of brown egg layers, the best of both! The Bovans Tinted egg layers can handle difficult conditions, while producing large numbers of good quality eggs. Overall, the Bovans Tinted egg laying chickens are easy to manage, highly productive, outstanding livability and adapting well to difficult environments: overall a Robust egg layer resulting in Robust Results for your egg farm!

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The Bovans Tinted Today

  • Easy to manage laying hen

  • Large number of first quality tinted eggs

  • Suited for all poultry housing systems

  • Well feathered chickens