Bovans Black

About the Bovans Black

The Bovans Black is a black feathered, brown egg producer. An ideal bird for challenging conditions, both in cage and non-cage systems. The Bovans Black has a docile temperament and higher feed intake, which enables it to handle difficult conditions, while producing large numbers of good quality eggs. The Bovans Black has a heavier body weight, comparable to backyard birds, but able to perform well in large operations. The Bovans Black is easy to manage and robust, adapting well to difficult environments.

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The Bovans Black today

  • Robust and easy to manage
  • Large numbers of good quality brown eggs
  • Higher bodyweight for challenging conditions

Cage systems

Laying period 18-90 weeks
Livability 94 %
Age at 50% production 146 days
Peak of production 94 %
Average egg weight 63.0 g
Eggs hen housed 400
Egg mass hen housed 25.2 kg
Laying period 18-90 weeks
Average feed intake 122 g/day
Cum feed conversion rate 2.40 kg/kg
Body weight 2200 g
Shell strength 3900 g/cm2
Shell color 15.0 Lab
Haugh units 80