The Bottom Line Bird

Well balanced bird with strong livability

The Bovans White is a well-balanced bird with strong livability, excellent laying persistency, and feed efficiency. This layer produces a flat egg weight curve and a very strong shelled egg. The Bovans White layer is easy to manage towards any desired egg weight level for table eggs or processing markets. Robust and efficient, the Bovans White enables commercial egg producers to achieve the best performance in any environment. 

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Flat egg weight curve

Superior egg production

Robust and easy to manage

Exceptional balanced bird

Strong bottom line results

Cage system standards of the Bovans White Layers

Laying period 18-90 Weeks
Livability 94%
Age at 50% production 143 days
Peak of production 96%
Average egg weight 62g
Eggs hen housed 426
Egg mass hen housed 26.4kg
Laying period 18-90 weeks
Average feed intake 108 g/day
cum. feed conversion rate 2.03 kg/kg
body weight 1710g
shell strength 4200g/cm2
Haugh units 83

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Bovans Parent Stock

We are proud to offer Bovans at the parent stock level. Our world class breeding program ensure that parent stock clients can expect exceptional fertility and high quality chicks.

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