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Published on April 7, 2017

Success Story: Bovans and Diamond Chicks in Bangladesh

Diamond Chicks received their first Bovans Brown PS flock

As partners in the industry, we are excited to share the success stories of our customers from around the world. Recently, Diamond Chicks, a large-scale, modern PS farm in Bangladesh, received their first PS Bovans Brown flock.

Presently Diamond Chicks has the plan to have 4 laying houses and 2 growing houses. Their operations are notable for the well-organized facilities and careful attention to biosecurity standards.

The PS farm project was initiated more than 4 years ago. The first delivery required a unique strategy for the logistics of delivering the chicks. Four air conditioned public buses were used to transport the chicks from the airport to the farm, a 3 hours trip to travel only 70 kilometers.

Our sales and technical support representative Shahadat Hossain, Paul Grignon Dumoulin, were with them at each step of the process to ensure that the chicks were comfortable and placement was successful. Here you can see Paul helping out with the transport and then assisting with placement in colony cages. 

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In the same week as the delivery, Diamond Chicks participated in the WPSA-BB Poultry Fair in Dhaka where they met with other members of the industry and discussed the build of their new hatchery and other developments in their business.

We commend Diamond Chicks on their hard work, and we look forward to supporting their growth with Bovans layers as part of their successful future.

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