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Published on Nov. 13, 2017

Hendrix Genetics hosts Brazilian egg producers

A group of Brazilian egg producers visited European farms in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The goal of the visit was to provide education and give insights on making enhancements in their own operations.

The group visited nine locations, with some of these farms raising Bovans birds. The group was able to view the birds in action and see their robustness in a European system. In their visit, the group could interact with the farm owner, ask questions and share experiences as fellow egg producers. 

Marco de Almeida, Area Director for South America, helped escort the group.

The program was very productive and gave everyone a full taste of the European trends; after so many challenges, Europe has been able to achieve improved performance using new housing systems for both rearing and production. The opportunity to have direct contact with local families of egg producers also gave a special touch to the visits. Their own life trajectory to overcome the transition to alternative housing systems made the visits even more educational.

Marco de Almeida
Area Director for South America